Firebirds Happy Hour 2024 – Timing, Menu & Locations

Firebirds Happy Hour

Firebirds Wood Fired Grill stands as a beacon for those who crave American classics with a unique flair. With its reach extending to over 50 locales, Firebirds has perfected the art of delivering smoky flavors in a setting that combines modern comforts with a touch of rustic charm. Ambient lighting and a friendly atmosphere are staples here, inviting diners to relax and indulge.

A visit to Firebirds is more than just a meal; it’s an immersive experience that celebrates the joy of dining. Picture a perfectly grilled steak or a handcrafted cocktail tailored to your taste — this is the essence of the Firebirds experience. And the highlight? The much-anticipated Firebirds Happy Hour.

This guide is the ultimate resource for all things related to the Firebirds Happy Hour. It’s designed to walk you through the essential details, from the best times to visit, to the mouthwatering selections on the menu, and where to find them. Prepare for a journey through a culinary happy hour that’s both delicious and unforgettable.

Firebirds Hours of Operation

Firebirds Hours Of Operation

Understanding Firebirds operational timings is key to planning your visit:

  • Brunch: Available weekends from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.
  • Lunch: Monday to Friday, starting at 11:00 am and concluding at 4:00 pm.
  • Dinner: Served daily from 4:00 pm, with extended hours until 10:00 pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

Firebirds Happy Hour Timing

Firebirds Happy Hour Timing

To truly appreciate the Firebirds Happy Hour specials, being in the know about their schedule is key. Here’s a closer look at the best times to indulge in Firebirds’ Happy Hour offerings:

What Time Does Firebirds Happy Hour Start?

The much-awaited Happy Hour at Firebirds starts at the convenient time of 4 PM. It’s the ideal moment to decompress, gather with friends, and enjoy a selection of specially priced delights.

What Time Does Firebirds Happy Hour End?

As the day transitions to evening, Firebirds offers a generous window to savor grilled favorites and signature drinks in the comfortable ambiance of the grill.

Firebirds Late-Night Happy Hour

For those who prefer the evening vibes, Firebirds may occasionally extend its Happy Hour to accommodate the night owls. Stay tuned for these rare but delightful extensions.

Day of the WeekFirebirds Happy Hour Time
Monday4:00 PM – 6:30 PM
Tuesday4:00 PM – 6:30 PM
Wednesday4:00 PM – 6:30 PM
Thursday4:00 PM – 6:30 PM
Friday4:00 PM – 6:30 PM
SaturdayNot Available
SundayNot Available
  • Monday to Friday: A prime time from 4 PM to 6:30 PM to unwind with discounted drinks and appetizers.
  • Saturday & Sunday: Keep an eye out for special promotions for weekend evenings that might be announced.

For those who enjoy discovering great deals, here are the happy hour times for some popular bars and restaurants:

Firebirds Happy Hour Menu with Prices

Firebirds Happy Hour Menu

The 2024 Firebirds Happy Hour menu is a testament to their commitment to quality and affordability. Enjoy premium drinks like the Double Diamond Martini and an array of classic cocktails at just $7. Pair these with savory bar bites priced between $5 to $15, ranging from Fired Up Shrimp to Beef Sliders.

Firebirds Happy Hour Menu ItemPrice
Double Diamond Martini$7
Classic Cocktails$7
Select Glasses of Wine$6
Well Drinks$5
Draft Beers (with $2 off)Variable
Bar Bites (like Fired Up Shrimp, Beef Sliders)$5 to $15

Firebirds Happy Hour Near Me

Locating your closest Firebirds Wood Fired Grill for an unforgettable Happy Hour experience is a breeze. With a host of locations in major cities and popular spots nationwide, an exceptional Happy Hour at Firebirds is never far away.

Firebirds Customer Service

Should you need any assistance or have questions, Firebirds’ dedicated customer service is at your disposal:

Firebirds Social Media Accounts

Stay in the loop with the latest from Firebirds, from menu updates to special events:

  • Facebook: Follow Firebirds on Facebook.
  • Twitter: Follow Firebirds on Twitter.
  • Instagram: Follow Firebirds on Instagram.
  • YouTube: Subscribe to Firebirds on YouTube.

FAQs About Firebirds Happy Hour

Firebirds Happy Hour in 2024 has elevated the experience with an updated menu featuring new, innovative cocktails and appetizers, along with the same great atmosphere and service that patrons have come to love. This year also introduces more opportunities for savings with expanded happy hour specials.

The Firebirds Loyalty Program rewards regular guests with points for every dollar spent, including during Happy Hour. These points can be redeemed for discounts on future visits, making each Happy Hour visit not only enjoyable but also more rewarding over time.

Yes, Firebirds is committed to accommodating various dietary needs and preferences. The Happy Hour menu includes vegetarian and gluten-free options, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Firebirds takes the safety of its guests and staff seriously. During Happy Hour and all other operating hours, the restaurant enforces enhanced cleaning protocols, social distancing measures, and follows all local health guidelines to ensure a safe dining environment.

Absolutely, Firebirds welcomes groups to enjoy Happy Hour. They offer spacious seating arrangements to accommodate large parties. For group reservations, it is recommended to call ahead to ensure the best possible experience.


Firebirds Happy Hour remains the quintessential American grill experience, seamlessly blending culinary innovation with the cherished tradition of unwinding at the end of the day.

Whether you’re looking for a place to connect with friends, enjoy a solo retreat, or celebrate a special occasion, Firebirds welcomes you to join in the Happy Hour festivities. With an array of delectable food and drink options, generous specials, and a warm, inviting atmosphere, every visit is sure to be an event to remember.

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