Denny’s Breakfast Hours 2024 – Timing, Menu & Locations

Denny’s Breakfast Hours

Welcome to the ultimate guide to Denny’s breakfast in 2024! Whether you’re an early riser, a brunch enthusiast, or a night owl craving breakfast foods at midnight, Denny’s has established itself as the quintessential destination for breakfast lovers nationwide.

With its doors open 24/7, Denny’s ensures that breakfast is not just the first meal of the day but a versatile dining experience available at any hour. Let’s dive into the heart of Denny’s breakfast universe, exploring everything from their extensive menu to the welcoming diner atmosphere that awaits you.

Denny’s Breakfast Hours 2024

Knowing when to get your breakfast fix at Denny’s is as easy as it gets because they serve breakfast around the clock. To help you plan your visit, here’s a quick overview of Denny’s breakfast hours in 2024:

Day of the WeekDenny’s Breakfast Hours
MondayOpen 24 Hours
TuesdayOpen 24 Hours
WednesdayOpen 24 Hours
ThursdayOpen 24 Hours
FridayOpen 24 Hours
SaturdayOpen 24 Hours
SundayOpen 24 Hours

What Time Does Denny’s Start Serving Breakfast?

Denny’s doesn’t make you wait for breakfast time because their kitchen is ready to whip up your favorites 24/7. As soon as you step in, be it at dawn or in the moonlight, you can indulge in a hearty or healthy breakfast of your choice.

What Time Does Denny’s Stop Serving Breakfast?

The answer is never. Denny’s commitment to serving breakfast knows no bounds. Their full breakfast menu is always available, guaranteeing that you can always satiate your morning meal cravings.

Does Denny’s Serve Breakfast All Day Long?

Absolutely. At Denny’s, breakfast isn’t bound by the clock. No matter the hour, Denny’s all-day breakfast menu ensures that everyone can enjoy fluffy pancakes, savory sausages, and much more whenever they please.

Following their round-the-clock schedule, Denny’s smoothly transitions from breakfast favorites to lunch and dinner delights without missing a beat, making it the perfect place for any meal.

Denny’s Breakfast Menu 2024

Menu ItemsCaloriePrice
Chicken Biscuit and Gravy Bowl1120-1340$12.19
Benny Breakfast (Southwestern)760-1370$11.99
Benny Breakfast (Classic)530-1140$11.29
Grand Slamwich1240-1630$13.19
Moons Over My Hammy1150-1540$11.99
Steak & Eggs (T-Bone)860-1770$19.29
Santa Fe Bowl850-1070$11.59
Steak and Eggs (Country Fried)760-1670$13.99

Denny’s Breakfast Hours Tips

To fully savor the Denny’s breakfast experience, consider these insider tips:

  1. Always Open: Since Denny’s is open 24 hours, you can enjoy the freshest selections whether you’re an early bird or a night owl.
  2. Check Local Hours: Although Denny’s typically offers 24/7 service, it’s always wise to check your local Denny’s for any special hours during holidays or events.
  3. Mobile Ordering: For a customized and quick breakfast experience, don’t hesitate to use the Denny’s app for ordering ahead, ensuring a swift and satisfying start to your day.

Denny’s Customer Service

Questions about Denny’s breakfast menu or need assistance with your order? Denny’s customer service is always ready to help. Reach out through:

Denny’s Social Media Accounts

Keep up with the latest from Denny’s on their social media channels:

FAQs About Denny’s Breakfast Hours

Denny’s menu includes gluten-free and vegan options, ensuring everyone can enjoy a meal suited to their dietary needs.

Denny’s commitment to quality means sourcing fresh ingredients and preparing meals to order, guaranteeing a delicious and satisfying breakfast experience.

Yes, Denny’s regularly introduces seasonal specials and limited-time offerings, adding an element of surprise and delight to the menu.

Denny’s engages in sustainability practices in its operations and supports local communities through various initiatives, reinforcing its role as a responsible and caring brand.


Denny’s stands as a beacon for breakfast aficionados, offering a seamless blend of quality, variety, and accessibility. With a menu that celebrates diversity and service options that cater to every preference, Denny’s ensures that every visit is a memorable one.

So, whether you’re craving an early breakfast or looking to satisfy late-night hunger pangs with pancakes and eggs, Denny’s welcomes you with open arms, any time, any day.

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